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Serrapeptase - A 2nd Gift from Silkworms

The natural Chelation-Anti-Inflammatory Serrapeptase has had wide clinical use - spanning over twenty-five years throughout Europe and Asia - as a viable alternative to salicylates, ibuprofen and the more potent NSAIDs. Unlike these drugs, Serrapeptase is a naturally occurring, physiological agent with no inhibitory effects on prostaglandins and is devoid of gastrointestinal side effects. See Studies and Technical Information.

Serrapeptase is a proteolytic enzyme isolated from the micro-organism Serratia E15. This enzyme is naturally processed commercially today through fermentation and was discovered in the silkworm intestine. This immunologically active enzyme is completely bound to the alpha 2 macroglobulin in biological fluids. Histological studies reveal powerful anti-inflammatory effects of this naturally occurring enzyme.

Serrapeptase digests non-living tissue, blood clots, cysts, and arterial plaque and inflammation in all forms. The late German physician, Dr. Hans Nieper, used Serrapeptase to treat arterial blockage in his coronary patients. Serrapeptase protects against stroke and is reportedly more effective and quicker than EDTA Chelation treatments in removing arterial plaque. He also reports that Serrapeptase dissolves blood clots and causes varicose veins to shrink or diminish. Dr. Nieper told of a woman scheduled for hand amputation and a man scheduled for bypass surgery who both recovered quickly without surgery after treatment with Serrapeptase.

The main question we are asked is: “Will this conflict with any drugs I am taking or cause my blood to become to thin?”

Answer: There are many opinions about what to take with what and what is a so called 'blood thinner'.

Firstly Aspirin is NOT a blood thinner such as Warfarin. Aspirin is an anti-inflammatory as are all proteolytic enzymes. They cause the blood to flow normally, not thinner than normal by stopping the inflammation in the blood stream that causes blood clotting.

The prime cause of western diseases is now considered to be chronic inflammation caused by eating starchy carbohydrates, processed, micro-waved and generally overcooked foods. This is measured by the rise in C-Reactive proteins after eating such foods. When we have chronic inflammation as well as free radical damage, we get what is known as sticky blood, where the platelets stick together and can clot.

Any method of anti-inflammatory action would cause the blood to thin when the blood cells stop being sticky.

Even just eating salad or raw vegetables would cause the same action as Aspirin or Warfarin. I have yet to see Doctors telling people not to eat too much salad when they are taking Warfarin (but who knows what they may say next?).

The simple answer is Serrapeptase is the best anti-inflammatory enzyme available. It does NOT affect any drugs whatsoever except that it may make them unnecessary.

It could even be taken even if you had nothing wrong whatsoever (inflammation also being the cause of premature ageing).



Only Enteric coated Serrapeptase tablets have been subject to the impressive research showing excellent results. Tablets and Capsules (which may not pass the stomach acid) are unlikely to be as effective unless the activity is greater than 60,000iu of activity to allow for the loss in the stomach.



Treatment of Inflammation/Pain: 1-3 tablets three times per day on an empty stomach. e.g. Recommendation for 1st week: Take 3 when you wake. Take 3, 45 minutes before lunch. Take 3 at bedtime. Reduce steadily to 2 per day.

Treatment for arterial blockage: 3 tablets twice daily for 1st month and then reduce to 3 per day.


Children and Animals:

It can be safely used with children and animals.

A recommended dose of 1-3 tablets per day for children. If they can not swallow the tablets, then they can chew the tablet as it does not have any taste whatsoever (if you have selected capsules to tablets, they can be broken open and mixed with honey). In fact a sore throat can be cleared in about 30 minutes by chew 1-2 tablets. Treating Children with mucus problems such as colds.

How long to take it: Although most symptoms will go within 1-2 weeks, it is recommended that you take Serrapeptase for 3-4 months and then stop to evaluate further need. Many people take Serrapeptase at a low dose, 1-2 per day, for health maintenance.
Maximum: up to 30 per day (e.g. acute trauma care)

Results: Good results with the conditions shown on the left hand side of this page have been reported in various studies and also by practitioners observations of their patients



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