We at Bug-De-Lite have developed our own high quality ProBiotic formula

This unique formula contains non-dairy Acidophilus and Bromelin enzyme along with our special exotic fruit blend. As with all of our products, we always strive to use the highest quality products available.

When on medications and after treatment, this can aid in digestion and promote a healthier GI tract due to replacement of beneficial bacterium, while helping support the appetite.

Give 1/2 to 1 ml daily while on medications.

Comes in a 2oz bottle with a 1ml plastic dropper for convienient dosing.

Made fresh when ordered to ensure the highest quality.

Please keep refrigerated.

Our Price: $7.00

Reviews and Ratings


By: Luna on 11/04/2022 11:16:21 PM

I'm blown away by the care Tracie put in to my order. She goes above and beyond. She is kind and willing to answer any questions. It was also obvious that she packaged the products for shipment with great care - including clear, written instruction for each. Everything arrived promptly. I can't wait to use these items and see how my beardies take to the goodies I've ordered. Thank you so much! :)


By: Victoria on 04/22/2022 07:43:09 AM

I?ve ordered this twice and have such great results and benefits. My beardie gets deworming twice a year and I use this to replenish her bacterial gut flora, keeps her fragile little system in check.

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